Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mix It Up In The Gym

Hey beautiful! Need some tips to get you out of your workout funk? Sometimes we go to the get to gym and just feel so bored because we do the same thing everytime but don't know what else to do! Trust me I know that pain.You want results but you aren't getting any and you feel like you're wasting your time. Here's something to mix it up and make the time go by faster. Go get on those scary machines you always tell yourself are for people "bulking up". That's a false stigma they can help you tone and get lean muscle as well. Go try the leg press. Sit down and adjust the seat so that your legs are about a fist length from your shoulders. Place your feet hip width apart on the foot board and PUSH! I would start your weight at about 55lbs and move up if its too light. That might sound heavy but remember your legs squat your whole body weight all day! They're stronger than you think. Do about 12-15 of those and then find a machine that has a seat and and handles about ear height on either side of the chair looking seat. Sit down and adjust the weight. I would start at 5lbs and move up depending on whether or not you can do 12-15 reps without feeling it in your arms. Grab the handles and pull them in toward the midline of your body in front of your face. TIP: keep your shoulders from turning and abs tight ALSO make SURE your not ever letting the weight smack together when you release the rep ALWAYS control it and let it get to about a finger space between the weight on top. After doing this, lay down on a mat and do some abs! I would suggest getting side obliques, top and bottom abs so you feel as though you got a full ab workout. Also try to shoot for 200-300 reps. Here's an example, lay on your back with feet on the floor and do 25 crunches, then lift the feet and continue with 25 crunches, next as your head comes up to crunch, lift you hips up so you are almost touching your head to your knees, do 25 of those. Then stack the knees to the left and keep the upper torso straight and do 25 crunches this way. Stack knees to the right and continue with 25 crunches. Now lay flat on your back with feet flat. Elevate the upper back a bit, extend hands and begin touching your right hand to right heel and left hand to left heel while holding the abs in contraction. Do 50 of these, 25 on each side. The last set, lay down with hands behind your head and elbows out, feet flat. Pulse head up while keeping your abs tight until you have done 25 pulses. You can add to these if you need to but try not to exceed 300. Now that you've done an arm, leg and ab workout, jog it out for a half mile. Continue doing this until you have jogged 2 miles! Trust me you'll feel good all over the next morning! Always remember to STAY HYDRATED especially if you tend to have low blood pressure, you're blood pressure drops way too low when you are working out and get dehydrated SO DRINK UP!